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  Systems Consulting Ltd.

Systems Consulting Ltd.
Cagetory: Professional Services

P.O. Box 1150,
Tel: 431-8950
Fax: 430-0715
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Senior Manager
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Executive Vice President
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Stephen BROOME
Chief Executive Officer
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  Company Profile

Systems Consulting Limited is an information Technology, Management Consulting and Marketing Research organization based in Barbados, We provide services to the Government, Financial Services, Retail/Distribution, Utilities, Hospitality and NGO organizations in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Belize and OECS member countries.

Information Technology Service: Software Development, Systems Integration, Network Administration and Support. Software Products: Payroll, Accounting, HR, T&A Tracking, Microsoft Business Solutions.

Management Consultant: Corporate, Marketing and ICT Strategic Planning and Facilitation, MIS Audits, Project Management, Risk Management, Marketing Research Services: Quantitative (Surveys), Qualitative (Focus Group) and Secondary Research, Stakeholder Classification & Mapping, Brand & Reputation Measurement.

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